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Soapbox Digital Media


Andy Hart
  • Primary Abilities: Leadership, sales
  • Secondary Abilities: Marketing, design
  • Location: All Stores
  • Years Active: 11 Years
  • Superpower: Patience

Andy is at the heart of Soapbox. He drives it forward through careful management and insightful decisions. With a keen eye for design, Andy is on hand to offer advice to create better and more intuitive websites.

Soapbox Digital Media

Director, SEO Expert

Chris Cagienard
  • Primary Abilities: Search Engine Optimisation
  • Secondary Abilities: Pay Per Click
  • Location: All Stores
  • Years Active: 7 Years
  • Superpower: One Man Army

Chris is the resident SEO expert, possessing a high level skills in making businesses visible online. Through his hard work and dedication, Chris can help your website to be seen by more of the people that matter.

Soapbox Digital Media

Studio Manager, Designer, Developer

Damian Reilly
  • Primary Abilities: Web Design & Development
  • Secondary Abilities: Print Design, Copywriting
  • Location: Shawlands
  • Years Active: 20 Years
  • Superpower: Almost Invincible

Damian Reilly has been involved in the design world for over two decades. This gives him a wealth of experience to draw from. That doesn’t mean that Damo is resting on his laurels. But, he is keen to develop new skills and push himself forward.

Soapbox Digital Media

Designer, Developer, SEO

Shaun Phillips
  • Primary Abilities: Web Design & Development
  • Secondary Abilities: SEO
  • Location: Shawlands
  • Years Active: 8 Years
  • Superpower: Shapeshifter

Originally a designer, Shaun is branching out into the world of SEO. Having a high level of coding and design knowledge gives Shaun a unique edge in SEO, as he has a keen understanding of the intricacies of the web to start with.

Soapbox Digital Media


Hayley Dornan
  • Primary Abilities: Accountancy
  • Secondary Abilities: Organising
  • Location: Shawlands
  • Years Active: 6 Years
  • Superpower: Surviving extreme temperatures

Sitting at the financial centre of Soapbox, Hayley keeps things running smoothly. Her steely dedication and numerical skills ensure that Soapbox performs like a well oiled machine.

Soapbox Digital Media


Duncan Cromb
  • Primary Abilities: Web Design
  • Secondary Abilities: Print Design
  • Location: All Stores
  • Years Active: 16 Years
  • Superpower: Smooth like dolphin, strong like bear!

Duncan made the jump from print design to web design. Already having developed the visual language needed to be a great print designer, Duncan is now fully trained in creating great websites as well.

Soapbox Design & Print

Studio Manager & Designer

Peter Stewart
  • Primary Abilities: Leadership, Design for Print
  • Secondary Abilities: Sales & Marketing
  • Location: Eglinton Toll
  • Years Active: 11 Years
  • Superpower: Agility & Balance

Peter has been with the company since the start. This gives him a huge wealth of experience to draw from. He understands how to maximise communication between the company and the consumer audience.

Soapbox Design & Print


Pip Carters
  • Primary Abilities: Graphic Design
  • Secondary Abilities: Web Design
  • Location: Eglinton Toll
  • Years Active: 5 Years
  • Superpower: FIFA Firecracker

Philip, a.k.a Pip, is a highly creative team member that posses a wide range of design talents. Capable of taking your concept and turning it into a work of art. Pip has developed the visual language and dedication detail that is needed to be a great print designer.

Soapbox Design & Print

Digital Print Operator

Gary McCord
  • Primary Abilities: Precision, Organisation
  • Secondary Abilities: Graphic Design
  • Location: Eglinton Toll
  • Years Active: 22 years
  • Superpower: Transmogrifier

Gary is the newest member of the Soapbox family and has been in the print industry for over 22 years. With a keen eye for design and print he knows exactly how to achieve the the best results. He rises to any challenge with enthusiasm. Even in a highly pressurised situations taking great pride in his work and always striving for perfection.

Soapbox Design & Print


Natalie Cochrane
  • Primary Abilities: Design, Organisation
  • Secondary Abilities: Sales
  • Location: Maryhill
  • Years Active: 9 years
  • Superpower: Excess Kindness

Natalie is our creative star based in Maryhill. Not only does she design with precision and flair, she also excels in providing sales and marketing advice to all the businesses based in Glasgow North.


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Soapbox Digital Media

The new site it's easy to use, easy to promote, easy for our customers to navigate. It has taken a load of extra work off of us; we can now dedicate our time to growing our business. The branding and presentation has been amazing too. It's always great to use a company that know what they are doing, and make our ideas even better. Thanks so much for the quick turn around and getting everything down to a tee.


To keep all of our customers and our team safe during the Covid-19 outbreak we have closed our stores and offices until further notice. We are still available to respond via email and phone to help with your requests. Keep Safe and Stay at Home…!