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Category Archives: Digital Marketing

There is no getting away from the fact that things like SEO, Google Ads, or Facebook advertising are by far and away the most effective and immediate way of marketing your website to potential customers. However, there are still other more traditional ways of getting your name out there. If you need a website or […]

Google loves content. The text on your website is one of the most significant factors in determining where you sit in a search engine’s rankings, and it is vital that you do everything you can to make your content as compliant with Google’s standards as possible. In this blog, we will go over some ways […]

Reputation is critical when it comes to attracting new customers. People are not going to use a business which they have had no experience with if they are not sure how good a job you will do. This blog will outline not how you can improve your reputation (unfortunately, that is up to you!). However, […]

Deciding you want a website is only the first decision you have to make. They can achieve hundreds of different things, can look like anything you can imagine with our custom coding and can accommodate the most modest to the most extravagant budgets. Our designers and coders are happy to guide you in the right […]

If you sit at your computer and go to the websites of the first companies that you can think of, it is almost certain that each of them will have a blog on their website. It might not be called a blog (it might be called a ‘News’ or ‘Updates’ section), but nonetheless, it will […]

Google organises its rankings using an algorithm. This means that, for all intents and purposes, a machine scans your website and analyses it. There are certain things that Google likes, as well as certain things that it does not. In this blog, we will outline exactly what impresses Google and offer advice on how you […]

Blogging is a crucial tool when you want to take your website from doing the job to really excelling. Not only does it look good for customers browsing your site, but Google will look favourably on your site when it screens your website and sees new content. However, throwing up any old content won’t quite […]

Think of the first five companies which come into your head. If you check their websites, there is a very good chance that every one of them will have a blog on their website. Whether they label it as ‘News’, ‘Updates’, ‘Newsroom’, or something similar, they are all just blogs under another name. The question […]

As a digital marketing company, by far the most common question we are asked is “what is search engine optimisation?” SEO is an incredibly complex process, and it is impossible to explain the specifics in the space of a webpage. Successfully implementing SEO tactics is a learned skill, be wary of companies who pretend to […]

If you are promoting a product or a service, it is not enough to only have people visit your page. You want to secure customers, not browsers; you need to convert these visits into purchases. In this blog, we will discuss a few tactics to convince people visiting your website to commit to using your […]