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3 Marketing Moves You Need to Make

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Summary: Build relationships with customers by making your brand mobile-friendly. Improve your marketing by analysing and testing your strategies.

Is your marketing providing a return? Yip? High five. You’re doing great. But don’t relax just yet. You still need to take a step back and see what marketing techniques are working.

Repeating successful strategies is an excellent way to grow your business in 2017. But it’s also important that you don’t stop there.

Small business marketing will evolve in 2017. This year you’ll be able to supercharge your business with things like:

  • Relationship marketing
  • Making sure you have a mobile friendly website
  • Testing your existing marketing

1. Building bridges with relationship marketing

Creating continuous, personal relationships with customers is nothing new. But in 2017, the way you interact with your clients will change.

Soapbox Digital Media: Relationship Marketing

As consumers switch to their smartphones for reviews and news, relationship marketing will explode.

Focusing on short term gains won’t cut it anymore. Consumers are moving their focus to ongoing relationships with businesses. They’re looking to friends to see what companies offer the best buying experience.

Take Starbucks: the coffee colossus has mastered relationship marketing. It imbues everything they do. Stores change their seasonal drinks and treats based on online customer feedback. People who subscribe to their email newsletter receive unique Starbucks coffee delivered straight to their home.

Ok, I hear you, you’re a small business; shipping free items to all your customers is unaffordable. But the important thing here isn’t the coffee: it’s the thought process.

How can you build on the existing relationships with your clientele? If you’re a café, you could create a simple loyalty card. Or if you sell online, you could offer a future discount if your customer leaves a review.

2. Make sure you have a mobile friendly website

Mobile and smartphone usage erupted in 2016, and it’s still soaring today. And when it comes to relationship marketing, having a mobile-friendly site makes it easier to connect with clients.

But there’s another reason you need to go mobile: customers search more on smartphones than on desktop computers now.

Soapbox Digital Media: Relationship Marketing

In the past year, Google has responded to the change in the way people search online. The search engine giant now punishes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly. They give prominence to business with mobile optimised websites. This change may seem unfair, but Google is just responding to what consumers want.

Remember: smartphones now serve as the first point on the purchasing path. So if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then make sure 2017 is the year you have it redesigned. Now is the time to think like the on-the-move mobile customer.

The traditional ways of marketing online no longer work. You need to adapt. As if you don’t, you won’t get found on Google. And we all know what happens to businesses that don’t appear online.

3. Keep testing your marketing

When it comes to marketing your business, continued testing never grows old. Gather information on your business by:

  • Studying your Google Analytics
  • Having customers filling out online feedback forms
  • Checking out what people are saying about you on social media

Armed with this data, you can hone your marketing campaign. And with a focused marketing plan, you can deliver the product that your client needs.

Testing may seem like a huge time investment. But technology has made the job a whole lot easier. Add Google Analytics to your website. Add a heat map to your home page. Sign up for HootSuite.

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Would you like to grow your business in 2017?

Would you like to find out more about the above marketing ideas? Well, at Soapbox Digital Media, we can help. We will strengthen your customer relationships with a range of online and offline marketing ideas. To find out more, call us on 0141 429 1356.

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