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Think of the first five companies which come into your head. If you check their websites, there is a very good chance that every one of them will have a blog on their website. Whether they label it as ‘News’, ‘Updates’, ‘Newsroom’, or something similar, they are all just blogs under another name. The question you might ask, then, is why?

For a very short answer, blogging is an incredibly effective method of improving your exposure online and establishing an ongoing relationship with your customers. Well, it can be. The reality is that investing time into your business blog is a worthwhile investment, but only if you are willing to take the time to post quality and worthwhile content.

To begin, let us look at how blogging can increase the traffic to your website.

How Blogging Can Increase Your Website’s Traffic

Traffic to your website is at the core of all inbound marketing. Of all of the convoluted ways to increase this, having a successful business blog is arguably the most effective method. A blog is simply another marketing channel. Alongside e-mail marketing, direct mail, exhibitions/trade shows and social media, a solid blog will help to drive business growth.

How Blogging Can Increase Your Website’s Traffic

At this point we should add that even if you have been running a blog for years and it has not gone anywhere, this is nothing to worry about; it is never a bad time to take your content to the next level in order to increase traffic, improve your conversion rate, and build your search engine authority.

The reasons for this vary, depending on the style of blog you want to create and how much time you want to invest in it. Some business owners may opt to run a blog that people have a genuine interest in. It may be that the content is of such a high quality that people visit your site to read your updates with genuine interest. It may also be the case that some customers are so invested in your company that they care about your updates and what is going on in your company.

However, it is unrealistic to hope that every business can have a blog like this. If every blog was interesting, none of them would be. Having your website updated regularly and loaded with keywords with help your site gain more exposure online.

Both of these business blog benefits are valid, and we will expand on both of them in this article.

The Importance of Quality

Even though blogging can be a powerful tool in promoting your website and in turn increasing traffic, like any other form of marketing it requires an investment to flourish. Consider leafleting, would a cheap piece of paper with your logo and website address on it perform as well as a professionally designed and informative quality flyer? No, of course not.

Before you panic, quality does not always mean that you have to go full F. Scott Fitzgerald, a few hundred words can be enough. All we mean is that you can’t just write a couple of paragraphs about a certain product you sell and call it a day. This is not of interest to anyone, including the mystical robots from Google that will scan your site.

If you are going to write a blog that you want people to read for pleasure, this will take significant investment but can have great returns. To begin, you will need to consider exactly what you want your blog to achieve. Remember, the more niche the subject, the more chance you have of being discovered. For example, if you create a blog specifically about vegan baking for kids, you have more chance of being found than if you have a general blog on baking where you are competing with thousands of others.

Secondly, have a few topics lined up to begin with. You will need to be posting twice a week at minimum to have people following religiously, and you don’t want to run out of steam. Make sure your ideas are good, original, and well-written.

Remember, the more consistent and quality your posts are, the more chance you will have of writing a ‘compounding post’. These don’t just increase your traffic after being posted; they will gradually and increasingly increase your traffic over time.

However, many would argue that this is not the only kind of ‘quality’ you have to be concerned with, which is where SEO comes in.

Blogging and Search Engine Optimisation

Whenever you write a blog post, you create a new page on your website for indexing. This means that Google has recognised you, leading to one more chance to feature in search engine results which can direct traffic to your website through ‘organic’ searches. Organic means that a potential customer has just come across you by searching for a related term on Google.

Blogging and Search Engine Optimisation

If you post blogs consistently, search engines will have to index your site more regularly. This means they will recognise that your website is active, and they will revisit more often to check what fresh content has been posted. This will increase your traffic, and each new post they scan gives a new opportunity to load your site with important keywords.

Using keywords will help your blog to start ‘ranking’ on search engines, which means they will appear higher up on the page when people search for certain terms. This will increase organic website traffic which results in more opportunities to convert and gain a customer.

We can’t go into detail about keywords here, as they are a bit too involved to summarise in our final paragraph, but we can cover them in a future blog!

Need Some Help?

We appreciate that everything we have discussed is easier than said than done when you have a business to run. If you aren’t a particularly good writer or simply do not have the time to create your own blog posts, it might be best to hire a professional or new member of staff to take care of it.

At Soapbox Digital Media, we are experts in web development and digital marketing. If you want to make an inquiry about what we can do for your blog or any other aspect of your business website, give us a call today on 0141 429 1356.



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