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Can You Help Me Write the Content for My New Website?

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Making a website takes time, but projects are often delayed because the clients are busy writing content. This isn’t a problem at all (after all it is your website!), and we appreciate that people are busy running their own businesses.

Having said that, we can offer some helpful advice that might help you along, allowing you to get your content to us more quickly and, ultimately, get your site online. Otherwise, we also have a copywriting service that will allow you to bypass the entire process.

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How to Write Content for Your Website

No one knows your business like you do, so there is no reason as to why you cannot write perfectly good content about your service or product. Having said that, there are still a number of guidelines to follow:

Length: The length of content you require depends on your business. For example, if you sell a product, it might be that pictures are enough to do the selling and you just need accessory information. Other services might need far more content to get your message across.

However, as a general rule, a total of 350-500 words is advised. This is because web pages any lower than this will very likely be ignored by Google, which can affect your ranking.

Structure: When it comes to the internet, readers don’t have a lot of patience. They aren’t going to read particularly far down your page, so make sure to put all of the most vital information at the start.

As a general rule, any information that you really need the potential customer or client to read needs to go at the top of the page. Otherwise, it might go unnoticed.

How to Write Content for Your Website

Style: When it comes to style, you don’t have to go full F. Scott Fitzgerald when you are delivering your content. After all, it needs to be as easy-to-understand as accessible as possible in order to be read by as many potential customers as possible.

Make sure that the writing you use is simple and easy-to-understand. Also, make sure to write in short paragraphs, as big blocks of text will only serve to put readers off.

Call to Action: Remember; ultimately your website is a selling tool. Providing a significant amount of useful information is fine, but if you aren’t securing a sale then what is it all really for?

Put a call to action at the beginning and end of your content, encouraging the potential client to do whatever you need of them whether that is buying a product, signing up for a service, or just giving you a call. Make it attractive, and you have a good chance of securing their business.

Should I Hire a Professional Copywriter?

Again, we appreciate that you have a business to run and writing content isn’t necessarily your priority. Having said that, it still needs to get done, and putting it off and put back the date of your website launch repeatedly.

Our in-house copywriter is on-hand to finish the content for you. By leaving it to a professional, you don’t need to worry about whether the content is ok for the internet; our writer will make sure that everything is optimised.

The only thing you will have to do is read over the content and make sure that all of the information is fair and accurate. After all, as we mentioned, no one knows the ins and outs of your business like you do.

The cost of having content written will vary depending on what you need to be written; it all depends on exactly what you require as well as how niche the subject is. Give us a call today on 0141 429 1356 to discuss how we can help you create a website that sells very effectively.

Alternatively, complete our contact form, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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