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Four Ways to Improve Your Web Content

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Google loves content. The text on your website is one of the most significant factors in determining where you sit in a search engine’s rankings, and it is vital that you do everything you can to make your content as compliant with Google’s standards as possible.

In this blog, we will go over some ways in which you can improve your content and boost your search ranking.

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Expand Your Content

Imagine two websites that are almost entirely equal. They get the same number of visitors, they do the same thing, they are equally fast, and look identical. When Google determines which one should rank above the other, it will always choose the one with more content.

Expand Your Content

This is because Google realises that the one with the most content is most likely to give any searchers the information they are looking for. In fact, Google will almost entirely ignore websites which have just three or four pages and very little content on them.

Make sure that your website has sufficient content on your webpage. In terms of word count, 350-500 is good, 750 is great, and 1000 is amazing. No one knows your business better than you, so make sure you show it!

Add Keywords

Keywords are essential when it comes to helping to inform scanning Google robots precisely what your website is about. Remember, it is a simple algorithm that doesn’t fully understand English – we need to provide pointers and guides to help Google classify and categorise our website.

For example, if you operate a clothing alteration service in the city centre of Glasgow, then you might want to use “clothing alteration Glasgow” as a keyword.

Keyword research is vital as you want to include a term which you know people will be searching for commonly. Because everyone is different, what seems the most logical choice for you might not be the same for the general public.

For example, if you own a pest control company and think that someone might be searching for “Infestation of German cockroaches in Glasgow” this might not be the case. Instead, it is more likely they will simply search “cockroach infestation Glasgow” or even just “cockroach control Glasgow”.

Don’t just include what keywords you assume are correct – do your research!

Use Your H Tags

H tags help to tell Google what parts of a webpage do what. For example, an ‘H1’ tag is the title of the webpage, while the ‘H6’ is likely just some supporting information. By using H tags, you can keep going right and offer a sort of ‘guide’ for the content.

The ‘H2’ tag is by far the most important one. This should be the most critical information on your page, and the relevant title should be posted as a question or response to a question.

For example, if you want someone searching for “how to use a kettle” you could have a title saying exactly the same thing.

However, people and Google also like numbered lists. This means you also have the option of writing a title such as “three ways to use a kettle”.

By using the H2 tag, you might get your content right to the top of Google.

Add Some Media

Google appreciates text, but it knows fine well that anyone searching for content can benefit from pictures and video content. By adding this to your text, you are able to make it more attractive to the Google scanners.

Pictures and videos can also be used in conjunction with H2 tags to give your ranking a real boost. Have you ever Googled something and seen something like this?

Add Some Media

Well, this can be achieved using the content ‘sandwich’. This means setting up your content like the following:

  1. H2 Title
  2. Paragraph or two of content
  3. Picture or Video

Google loves this setup as it knows this it is incredibly informative and can give searchers everything they need to know in an efficient, concise and pleasant manner.

Try it in the future, and you might just find yourself appearing before everyone else for specific searches.

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