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Marketing your business in 2018

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Businesses need pushing and the truth is most people are too busy to do this for themselves, or just plain don’t know where to start.

At Soapbox Digital we work hard to market ourselves in a number of areas.

Firstly, our website is full of up to date, relevant content that is tailored to catch specific search terms from Google searches.

We also ensure our website appears highly on all search terms we want using search engine optimization. This is the process of ensuring the site appears on page one as much as is possible, and includes creating pages that are built with Google metrics in mind, as well as creating a number of links and other tactics to ensure a more geographically relevant search appears for us.

Marketing Strategy 2018


We work hard on our own websites but we work even harder on other peoples! If you are not performing online you need to ask a few simple questions.

Firstly, does the site look fresh and appealing?
The design of your site is imperative. It is quite often the first impression a potential customer is getting of you and needs to not only reflect your company well, but also stand up to the competition that they are almost certainly checking out at the same time. The design is at the heart of everything but married to that is functionality. The website needs to efficiently take any visitor to the information they need with as little distraction as possible.

Web Design

Secondly, is the site built in a way that is attractive to Google?
This may mean very little to you, but Google prioritises sites according to an enormous list of factors that they decide. Site size, content relevance, keyword density and domain age are just the start of the factors that need to be considered, and that is before we even talk about rich content, conversion rates or mobile experience.

Finally, you need to ask yourself if you are promoting your site and giving it the best chance of success?
Whilst the main job of online promotion is to create compelling content that engages your target customer driving them to take the action that you desire. Creating fresh content on your website is vital in helping get your website moving up the Google rankings. News articles, or blogs allow companies to include new targeted content regularly and ensures Google returns to scan your site more regularly.
Promoting your site any chance you get is another way to help. Targeted Buyer Traffic is the ultimate aim, and if you are constantly driving your potential customers to your site any chance you get you will ensure Google sees your website as relevant and will want to show you at the top of the search results.


We work hard to engage with our customers on social channels and to many businesses this can seem an impossible task. It is quite often difficult to make your business appear interesting or engaging, but if you think a little bit out of the box, it is not impossible.

Social Media

Over the month of November we teamed up with 4 restaurants who donated a meal for two which we put as prizes on our pages. Each restaurant had a week allocated where we created an image and narrative for them explaining the prize and rules. Simply like and share the post to be entered in the end of week draw. The result was an over riding success, with over 40,000 views and literally hundreds of shares. It is a win win for both sides. The restaurants get some local and relevant promotion and we get a number of potential new customers.

When thinking about how best to engage with your customers you need to think of ways to attract their attention and sometimes this can be promoting things that are not even your business but can have positive influence on your own company.


In May 2018 , GDPR comes into force, and for anyone living under a rock, this means General Data Protection Regulation and relates to how businesses process and handle data. It replace the 1995 Data Protection Directive that current UK law is based upon. The new regujlatiojns are wide reaching and cover a huge number of areas, but the main things companies need to know are that this legislation gives individuals far more power to request all information held on them free of charge and within a specified time frame. These same individuals can also demand to have all their data erased if they so wish.


For the purposes of this article, the main issue this creates is opting in for email marketing. It will no longer be acceptable to send unsolicited emails to anyone. Unless a person has given consent to be contacted it is strictly forbidden.

Websites will need to be amended to allow for positive opt-in and in addition to this you have to clearly state what you intend to send them and how often.

This opens up a huge opportunity for traditional print items. Post is not affected by this legislation and returning to print and post may be the answer for a huge number of businesses.


Some of this may be simple for you to implement, and some may be more troublesome but we are here to help. We love marketing and everything design. Give us a call to see how we can help market your business in 2018.

Everything from a simple logo to a full ecommerce website, and lets not forget the marketing. We have a huge team of specialists that can take your marketing vision and make it reality. Even if you don’t have a marketing vision, you do have a business, and we can help create a marketing plan that effectively connects your customers to you.

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