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What Is Marketing?

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Coca Cola’s 2015 Christmas marketing campaign created a buzz in the market and got people talking. They created something which had never been done before, turning their regular bottle into an interactive experience for their customers. The innovative design of the ‘bow labels’ revived their already well known Christmas bottles and were an example of outstanding marketing.

Marketing in Glasgow: Coke Bowtie Bottles

What is marketing?

Can any size of business do it? Well, yes, they can. Marketing is a fancy name for the act of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Not only will a successful marketing campaign enhance the reputation of your company, it will, also, increase the number of sales along with new customers through word of mouth, which is the most trusted type of marketing.

What is Print Marketing?

Print marketing refers to any advertising which we see in the paper form such as flyers, newsletters, stationary, etc.

Print marketing has previously been perceived as a traditional method of marketing which is not necessary for this digital age. However, along with an efficient online presence, the use of print still has tremendous potential in raising awareness for your product or service to potential customers.

Print Marketing in a Digital World

Although more and more companies are focusing on digital forms of marketing, flyers and newsletters are still relevant in today’s digital world. As fewer flyers are coming through our mail, customers have more time to focus on the print ads which they are receiving. This is an excellent opportunity for a company to reach consumers through the gap in the market.

A study by conducted by The Direct Marketing Association in the U.K found that 91% of consumers do open direct mail which they receive.

The Benefits of Print Marketing to Your Business:

Printed adverts such as flyers and catalogues act as a gateway to customers discovering your company.

These adverts raise brand awareness and provide information to consumers who will send them directly to your websites and social media. Adding relevant hashtags and links to any printed media also directs customers to your recent advertising campaigns. This is an effective form of advertising for any age groups as older generations prefer printed forms of advertising while hashtags and links relate to a younger and more tech-savvy generation.

Print marketing raises brand reputation.

The content of printed adverts can include facts about your company as well as direct feedback quotes from satisfied customers. People also see printed ads as a secure and trustworthy source as opposed to the danger they may feel opening a marketing email which could contain spam or viruses.

Print advertising directs your products at different markets effectively.

Here at Soapbox Digital, we can advise you on various types of paper quality and fonts to effectively pinpoint the most suitable option for your target market.

Print advertising is tactile and memorable.

While informing customers of your product, you are giving them something with longevity which they can touch and will emote an emotional response. Printed products also act as a constant reminder of your company. For example, customers may use your branded stationary on an everyday basis which will not only remind them of your business but will also be seen by other potential clients. Additionally, consumers are more likely to read printed material as opposed to an email which they can instantly delete. Research shows that people will spend an average of 15 seconds on a web page however when it comes to printed materials such as flyers and catalogues they are willing to spend an average of 30% more time reading.

In a recent study, it has been proven that print advertising has the highest return on investment compared to other advertising channels such as radio and television.

So, if you would like to discuss any marketing ideas that you have call us on 0141 429 1356. We’d love to hear from you.

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