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Jeff's Journal

I'm Jeff, this is my journal!
And this is my journey!

I’m looking for a brand-new challenge in life. I’ve had enough sun for ten lifetimes. I want somewhere that’s got a bit of a milder climate – to really get into the Christmas mood.

Day 1

I’ve found something that really caught my attention. Temporary G.O.A.T. staff Glasgow? Perfect! A proper Christmas time challenge. It's like they made a job just for me.

I’ve heard Glasgow is a fantastic place this time of year. Completely trouble free! My friend Monty the Mountain Goat has told me that the Christmas markets are just fabulous.

I can't wait!


Day 1

Qualifications ✔
Experience ✔
Attitude ✔

Now, it’s time to just sit back, relax, and wait for that offer.

My bags are packed and
I'm ready to go...


Day 1

I’ve finally arrived in Glasgow today – what a wonderful airport!

I quickly got on a megabus, (it was truly mega) A man in a very colourful tracksuit asked me if I wanted to join him for ‘buckfest’. I politely declined. I’ve never heard of buckfestival before! *Note to self - What is Buckfest??

I’ve seen my new home for the first time and it’s a beautiful place. I can’t wait to get to meet everyone and get started at the shop! I know i am going to absolutely smash this....