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Twitter Marketing for Business. Twitter is a social network that has exploded in popularity since its launch in March 2006 and is now one of the Internets top ten most visited websites.

It has become a massive part of most peoples daily lives as its micro blogging functionality allows people to send and read text based 140 character snippets called “tweets”. This format has become so popular as it integrates seamlessly with the functionality of smart phones and tablets. Twitter now has over 500 million registered users with over 340 million tweets being sent daily. Many people don’t realise that Twitter also acts as a search engine with over 1.6 billion search queries made every day and growing.

With these statistics it is hugely important that businesses embrace Twitter Marketing.

Twitter Marketing for Business. Read your customers minds…

Twitter Marketing does not jump out as an obvious method for a business to increase enquiries and sales. In fact many business owners and managers see Twitter and other Social Networks as only a distraction for their staff members. For this reason they ban the use of Social Media in the workplace and have a negative view on its use. However, they may be cutting their nose off to spite their face as Social Media and more specifically Twitter Marketing can be marketing dynamite when used in the right way.

At Soapbox Digital Media we encourage businesses to get on board with Social Media and Twitter Marketing to help grow their businesses. Don’t worry..! We are not suggesting that aimless browsing of Social Networks or telling people what you had for lunch are a good idea. But, Social Media is more than this, much more…

Twitter Marketing is incredibly powerful..! Imagine as a business owner you were able to listen in on conversations that your customers or prospective customers were having… If you were able to know if a person expressed a need or desire for your product or service before they even started to look for a solution… What if you could approach them in a helpful manor and offer to assist them before they had found any of your competitors… That cant be possible..? Well with Twitter Marketing it is..! It is like having six sense.

Twitter Marketing for Business. Find buyers when they are looking to buy…

For example, lets say you sold iphones for a living. With Twitter Marketing you can listen out for anybody talking about the iphone and present them with your offering straight to their twitter inbox. How many people would that put your offer in front off when they are actually a potential customer. It is super targeted. Whats more this can be set up to work 100% automated, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

This potential is still untapped by the majority of businesses. To continue the example of the iphones, as I’m writing this article I checked Twitter and found several thousands of mentions of iphones today alone. Twitter Marketing has the ability to transform success of a companies Marketing efforts.

In addition Twitter Marketing can be used to effectively keep your customers and prospects up to date with your latest business developments and offers.

Contact Soapbox Digital Media today to find out how to use Twitter Marketing to help grow your business and engage with your customers.

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