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Research shows that people need to view your advertising many times, in lots of various ways, before they buy something.

How to get more cutomers

Would you turn away after your first knock back? Well if you did, that would be a setback.

Polish yourself off. Get yourself back to it. You need to notice an advert between four to ten times before it generates a sale.

What’s the secret to getting more customers?

How often do you share news or ideas about your company with your clients? Not that often I suppose. Not many people do. Seldom is a sale produced in the first few views of your advert.

So how do you get more sales? Well, the secret is to keep on marketing. In as many different ways as you can.

Leaflet your clients. Email your mailing list.

The more you stay in touch with your customers, the more inclined they will be to make a purchase.

It’s better to market to five hundred people five to ten times than it is to contact two and a half thousand just the once.

To be effective, you need to use several ways to reach your clients.

How does a marketing plan work?

Let us put together a marketing plan that has three steps to communicate with your clients:

Step One
Post a promo card to warm them up, followed by an email with an option to chat with you.

Step Two
In the next few weeks, send them an invite with a message centred on a new commodity or product they would want to purchase.

Step Three
A phone call. By leaving this stage to the end, you can chat with your client about the marketing material you posted before.

Need some extra marketing ideas? How about a discount voucher, or a special offer on a particular product. Why not try social media: give out free samples for likes on Facebook.

How do I make my marketing look professional?

Always use a designer to bring your marketing message to life. Doing your marketing yourself can lead to looking unprofessional, missed leads or customers not getting the right information.

Use images as much as possible. A picture can say a thousand words. A cliché, I know. But it’s true. Combining the right images with the right words can create a perfect marketing piece.

The font you select can communicate the type of business you are or want to be, also.

Before you create a new brochure, be clear on what you wish to convey and how your client will view it.

  • Could it be to sell a range of products?
  • Is it to launch a new product within your current range?
  • Announce your services to new prospects?

How do I find ideas for my marketing?

Another great way to generate marketing materials is to ask your customers want they would want. Once you have that info, you can work back from there?

How to get more cutomers

Ask for feedback from everyone. Ask your client, “when you read this, what would you like to do?” If it’s not what they are looking for, adapt it. Show them again.

How often should I market my business?

Do you do marketing for weeks on end then, then you don’t do any for months after that? Lots of companies market, get busy, stop marketing, and then wonder why they’ve become quiet.

The best way to attack this problem is to do small bits, often. Consistency is the key. It’s better to do a little, a lot.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help market your business, contact us today.

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