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Pinterest Marketing Tips

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Pinterest Marketing: an overview

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is an established social network with over 70 million users. Thanks to its visual layout, you can display images of products related to your business. Pinterest calls your pictures ‘pins.’ Fancy, eh?

Pinterest Marketing

With more people purchasing online, Pinterest marketing enables you to reach a vast range of potential customers.

Of course, the big question in most business owner’s mind is, “How can Pinterest marketing help my business”?

Pinterest Marketing: what are the benefits?

Well, here’s some of the main advantages that Pinterest marketing can bring to your company.

One of the major benefits of using Pinterest, as opposed to other types of social network, is that you can post any content onto your profile.

You can post:

  • videos
  • blog posts
  • pages
  • post an advert

Having the ability to display adverts is if you are selling a product or service, you can add prices to your pins for potential customers to view.

Another benefit of Pinterest marketing is the ability to use it as a reference or backlink (an incoming link from another website or web page.) By connecting Pinterest to your site, blog or Facebook profile or business page, you will be able to build your social following for free.

Remember: you should always make sure that your posting are consistent and relevant to your company.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing: The differences

Marketing on Pinterest is slightly different from marketing in other social networks. The site’s layout makes it a great place for selling handmade and vintage items.

Pinterest users post their thoughts and opinions through comments in a similar fashion as Facebook comments.

Most Pinterest users prefer it if you do not hawk your product; they like it when you provide something to a link to a do–it-yourself blog or some interesting images.

Pinterest Marketing: 4 Great Tips to Help You Market Your Products on Pinterest

1) Have creative and engaging images

This will help to drive more traffic to your pin, and potentially to your website.

2) Include your name or business name

You will want your Pinterest users to realize you have an engaging content and like you and your company for it. Therefore, including your name or business helps customers to identify you quickly or locate your site.

3) Include a link to your Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter or all of them

This will help to make easier for your potential customers to find you.

4) Include a way to locate you in your pin

With each and every re-pin, a ‘pinner’ can change the original text. This means you will lose your initial information (email, website, etc.) Consider adding info to your images, such as your site URL or Twitter handle, regardless of the number of re-pins you receive, your details will be there for everyone to see.

Follow these tips of Pinterest Marketing for Businesses to help you get the best possible results. For more information about Pinterest marketing contact Soapbox Digital Media.

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