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Make a Commitment to Your Website This Lent

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When it comes to running a small business with its own website, many of us are guilty of letting things fall by the wayside. Although we know what we should be doing, sometimes our discipline slips and other tasks take prominence. That’s why we have a new idea for Lent.

Instead of giving something up, why not take something on? In this blog, we will outline three new habits that you should pick up and maintain during this season.

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Three Good Web Habits for Lent

If you are going to follow three good practices this year, try the following:

  • Market your website
  • Blog regularly
  • Take custom pictures

Three Good Web Habits for Lent

Get Your Website Out There

Many people make the mistake of getting a website and sitting on it. People assume that just by having a site you will get more business, assuming that even smaller sites for local companies will suddenly appear at the top of Google without SEO and other services.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Once you have your swanky new website, you will need to drive people to it. Lent is a fantastic opportunity to do this.

Firstly, you can get your website out there by marketing it physically. Let’s say you own an Indian restaurant, for example, you can quickly and cheaply hand out hundreds of leaflets throughout the local area directing people to your website.

Alternatively, if you own a shop perhaps try and get customers to visit your website. Perhaps offer a discount code for going online and interacting in some way.

Another option is to arrange for some online marketing. At Soapbox, for example, we carry out SEO and PPC services that offer a tremendous return on your investment.

Whatever option you choose, keep in mind that having a website will not magically get you more customers; you need to market your site.

Regular Blogging

When people come to us in order to build them a website, many of our clients insist that a blogging section of the website is put in with the best of intentions. They have visions of sitting down with a coffee once a week or so and bringing out their inner Hemingway.

The reality, though, is often different.

Running a business is not easy, and often tasks and trials arise that take priority over the secondary task of blogging. However, having a blog that is inactive is a terrible look for your company, and it is a missed opportunity to boost your Google rankings.

Over Lent, make sure to pick up the blog and run with it. If you cannot find the time, don’t be afraid to delegate to an employee – just make sure there is content being uploaded!

Organise Custom Photography

A lot of clients do all of the hard work when it comes to having their website built, but underestimate the power of arranging their own photography and opt for stock photography.

Organise Custom Photography

The thing about stock photography is that it is perfectly functional, and in many cases it is ideal. However, having photographs taken specifically for your business can add a touch of class and quality that really sets your website apart from competitors.

For example, if you are a joinery company with a fleet of well-maintained and branded vans, why not use them rather than some generic picture of a stock van?

Similarly, if you bake cakes and snacks, there is no excuse for resorting to stock images! Make sure to get some quality pictures taken and let your good work sell itself.

Even if you have a nice office, make sure to have that on your website. You will be amazed at how much of a difference a small personal detail can make when it comes to impressing customers.

Get in Touch

By all means, cut out the chocolate, read more, and start going to the gym, Lent is a great time of year to make a change regardless of whether you are religious or not! However, why not get a bit more creative and make a commitment to your website and your business.

It is vital to keep in mind that we are also always available to help with your business online, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 0141 429 1356.

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