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Unleash the power of Business Website Design

0.05 Seconds.

That’s it. That’s all the time it takes for a user to form an opinion about a website online. Don’t take our word for it, this number comes straight from Google themselves.

Pretty scary right? How on earth are you meant to tell people about all the great things that your company does in a fraction of a second?

The answer is that you don’t have to. All you have to do it to capture their attention and make sure they stick around to learn more.

How is that possible? It comes down to a single word.


Website design is the number one factor in online business success, with 94% of all first impressions being design related according to Research Gate.

Get yours right and the enquiries will come flooding in immediately. Get it wrong and your online presence could actually be doing more harm than good.

Soapbox Digital Media are your key to unlocking the power of great website design, providing you with a stunning bespoke business website that increases inquiries and boosts sales.

Our expert team of designers, web developers, and online marketing experts have already helped hundreds of businesses across Scotland to take their businesses to the next level. Sound like something you want to be missing out on?

Why is Great Business Website Design so Important?

The easiest way to understand what your customers are looking for in a website is to consider what you yourself are looking for when searching for a product or service online.

If you visit a site that takes ages to load, doesn’t display images properly, or is difficult to navigate, you aren’t going to waste your time there. It looks amateur, feels unprofessional, and certainly isn’t the home of a company you want to trust with your hard earned cash.

A couple of clicks and you are back on Google, and onto the page of a competitor.

Just one single design or performance issue on your site could be costing you THOUSANDS of pounds every single year.

Can you really visit your website and truthfully tell us that it is perfect and that nothing could possibly put off a potential customer?

If the answer is yes, congratulations. You are in a select group of very few businesses who can run a business at the same time as designing, hosting, and managing a bespoke business website.

If not, it’s time to make a change, and Soapbox Design are here to help.

Using our website design and development services will attract more people to your site AND keep them there, increasing your sales and boosting your brand.

Website Management: The Devil’s in the Detail

A customer hears all about your business from a close friend. They need your services and go online to get your contact details. All that is left to secure the sale is for them to click on your website.

Then all of a sudden… ERROR, your site won’t load and you have lost a piece of business that was pretty much a sure thing.

Websites are not only a valuable sales tool, they are key information points for both existing and future customers and require ongoing care and attention to keep them in good condition.

You would hardly buy a supercar then never have it serviced would you? Driving around every day with no clue what condition the engine or brakes are in and always expecting another breakdown.

Just like supercars, websites need to be looked after if you want them to carry you forward. Maybe you had a website designed in the past, maybe you like the way it looks, but if it is not being regularly updated and audited by a web developer, things are going to start going wrong.

We not only build websites for our clients but manage them carefully on a day-to-day basis, keeping loading times to a minimum, fixing any issues that could affect customer experience, and optimising the user experience based on real-time data.

5 Reasons to Have a Stunning Business Website

Business websites used to be a nice addition to the marketing strategy of a company.

They were a place for interested people to find out more after hearing about a new product or service somewhere along the grapevine.

Not anymore. Websites are now the number one source of income for the vast majority of businesses and trying to build a company without one is like trying to climb Mount Nevis blindfolded.

Imagine your football team signed Lionel Messi only to force him to play in walking boots. Even the best in the world need the right tools to help them perform. You already offer highest quality of service to your customers, but you’re trying to sell them on a poorly designed website that doesn’t come close to matching your company standards.

How can you expect your business to thrive when it isn’t given the platform or tools to do so?

There are almost countless benefits to a new business website from Soapbox but we have forced ourselves to narrow it down to just 5 of the biggest and here they are:

Reason 1 – Well Designed Business Websites increase visibility online

The easier you are to find the more likely a customer will pick you.

The entire concept of optimised web design, SEO, paid advertising, and pretty much every other online marketing technique boils down to this simple fact.

A well designed website, especially one that has been optimised for the right keywords, is more likely to appear in front of your target market when they search for the services you offer.

Say you are a double glazing installer and don’t show up when your next door neighbour Googles “new windows near me”. Either you have no website at all, or your current website is not doing its job. In both situations, you are losing out on business.

Reason 2 – A good website reflects your business

There is no one size fits all solution to business web design. Every business is different and yours requires a website that reflects the services you provide and the intent of the user.

Bold colours, large images, and dancing animation would be perfect for a kid’s party organiser, less appropriate for a funeral director.

We don’t just design great looking websites. We take the time to learn about your business and your target customer, designing a site that matches their intent when they enter your site and increases the chances of them taking further action.

Reason 3 – Great Design = Sales

There are many things that convince a person to visit your website. Search engine rankings, a well placed Ad campaign, and social media are just a few.

Once they are there, however, a few key factors determine what happens next.

Design is one of the biggest, determining the users on-site experience and either guiding them where you want them to go or leading to a swift click on the close tap button.

Give yourself the best possible chance of a website visitor becoming a loyal customer with a website design that impresses at a glance and takes visitors from checking you out to checking out themselves.

Reason 4 – Build Trust

It might be sad, but most people won’t trust a company they can’t easily find on Google.

The days when word of mouth alone were enough to build a global business are gone and even if you do get a recommendation, you are still going to check them out their reviews first, right?

A business website is an easy way for a customer to verify your existence in a matter of seconds, and its design will ensure they stick around to learn more.

An about us page, a meet the team page, and a bit about your history and qualifications are all great ways to build trust in the reader’s mind and convince them to choose your company.

Reason 5 – Provides Contact Details

At the very very bare minimum, having a business website makes it easy for a customer to find your contact details online.

Your task, and ours hopefully, is to make the path of resistance as smooth as possible for customers and remove as many obstacles as possible between a website visitor and a purchase.

Having the company contact details visible and unavoidable when your name is Googled keeps the journey between interest and inquiry as short as possible.

Web Design – Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just use a free online website template builder?

Sure, you could, if you want to end up with the same template website as half your competitors and a less user friendly one than the other half. A free website builder will not deliver the professional website you deserve and certainly don’t equipped with the marketing tools our expert website builders do.

You just aren’t going to find free business website templates that rank well on search engines, looks fantastic on both desktop and mobile devices and offers an interactive and engaging experience for all your potential clients.

How can you help my site appear high up on Google using SEO?

Great business website design is just one of the online marketing services we offer here at Soapbox.

From email marketing and social media to Paid marketing and SEO that keeps your site at the top of the Google rankings, we can create a bespoke package of web design services that increases traffic, improves customer conversion rates, and helps you grow your business online.

Can you build me an online store?

Absolutely! We have built a variety of bespoke E-Commerce sites over the years and will ensure that your products look fantastic and have the smoothest possible journey from cart to checkout.

With a smooth payment process that makes taking credit card payments a piece of cake, we will create a user experience with as few barriers as possible between customer and product or paid plan purchase.

What type of business websites can you build?

Great business website design is just one of the online marketing services we offer here at Soapbox.

From email marketing and social media to Paid marketing and SEO that keeps your site at the top of the Google rankings, we can create a bespoke package of web design services that increases traffic, improves customer conversion rates, and helps you grow your business online.

What size of businesses do you work with?

Many companies say that no job is too small or large. We actually mean it. We love working with ambitious business people, whether they have just started out as a one man band and require a small business website or have already established themselves on the national or international stage.

Can I add my own content to the site?

Of course, it’s your website after all. In fact, fresh content is a great way for you to keep your customers updated and your website relevant.

We will do all the hard work in designing and hosting your website before handing it over to you with back end access, allowing you to add or remove content as you see fit. Most of our sites are designed using WordPress, widely recognised as the most intuitive and user friendly website content management system and fitted with its very own built in SEO tools to dominate the search engine results pages.

If you want, we do offer our own content writing service as part of our SEO packages, but many customers just come for our designs, and who can blame them.

Do you offer website hosting?

Yes. We are not a website hosting company, but work closely with a top hosting provider to ensure you don’t need to worry about your site crashing at the worst possible time.

Should the unlikely happen, we will with you to get your site back live once again as quickly as possible. No more Googling error messages and hoping for the best!

Can I choose my own custom domain name?

Normally, unless there is another established company with the exact same domain that you require. who is unwilling to sell.

If the domain is available, then great, but if not we can usually acquire it on your behalf at a relatively low cost.

How much does a new website cost?

We offer highly competitive website design pricing, with hundreds of previous clients delighted with the value for money they have received.

We know this is a bit vague (alright very vague), but the exact price is dependent on a number of factors including the size of the project, your hosting requirements, and any ongoing maintenance or content you may need.

Get in touch today to talk through your requirements and we will be able to give you a completely FREE accurate quote with absolutely no obligation to go ahead.

Given the increase in business that comes from having an optimised well designed business website, this really is one of the smartest investments you can possibly make.

A new website offers far superior potential returns on your investment than any other single marketing or advertising expense. Small businesses often choose to avoid using a professional web designer to save money but investment in an online presence at this stage can be incredibly powerful.

Come and Meet Us

We spend a lot of our time online, but we still love doing things the old fashioned way when it comes to communication.

Unlike other web design companies who now work completely remotely, we believe that having a physical location where we can collaborate and meet in-person with our clients is absolutely essential.

If you are trusting us to create a website on your behalf, the least we can do is to welcome you into our Glasgow studio for a coffee and a chat. This approach allows us to get inside the minds of our clients (not literally, don’t panic!) and tailor the entire design process to their needs.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the project, we are only ever a phone call away, and you will receive regular updates on the progress of your design and build.

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Soapbox have been dealing with all my fliers, websites, and vehicles graphics for over ten years now. Great guys, great team to work with. The guys always lend a real personal experience and are happy to keep me up to date with the digital side of things and help me put together design ideas for my marketing.

Kevin McMillan

I had the pleasure of working with Soapbox Digital Media to design a website for my restaurant, Pendulum. I was impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail. The end result was a beautiful website that has received positive feedback from customers. I highly recommend Soapbox Digital Media for anyone looking for high-quality web design services, especially if you’re a restaurant owner like myself.

Stefano Cardosi
Managing Director

A MASSIVE thank you to all the Soapbox team for their ongoing support with our BakeBox Gifting website. From creation, to content, and all the further developments inbetween! Soapbox are an invaluable extension to any business and offer a wide skill set to help best reflect any website need. Thanks again for all your help in maximising opportunities for business success and growth.

Jennifer Walker

The Soapbox team have paid for themselves many times over from the extra business that has come from enquiries.

Usman Qureshi

We’ve received countless compliments about how professional and user friendly our website is. We’ve since been in contact with Liam who has created guides for us to be able to update the website ourselves as well as expand and develop the website as we grow as a company. It has been a very smooth and effortless collaboration with Soapbox and has given us a brilliant website which has increased our sales. We look forward to continuing to work with them in future as we grow and expand.

Derek Gray




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