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Content Managed Websites (CMS)

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Content Managed Websites (CMS) are in most cases the best solution for the majority of site builds. This is due to the fact that a CMS website allows the user to access a back end control panel within the site to manage and update the content and functions.

Content Management System

Gone are the days where a customer is held to ransom by their website developer having to pay for even the smallest content change or addition to the site. This has been one of the greatest changes for modern day online businesses.

At Soapbox Digital Media we love the fact that we can train and equip our customers to take on a large portion of their website maintenance. This gives our customers the freedom to express themselves online without the need to be familiar with any website coding languages.

Good Content Managed Websites can be effectively managed by users with minimal technical ability.

Content Managed Websites (CMS): Access your websites functionality.

Well built Content Managed Websites will allow their users to add and update their content, news and blog without the added cost of having to pay to get it done. This allows a business to really take control of getting their marketing message across and allows them to interact with their customers in real time.

Popular platforms for Content Managed Websites include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more. These platforms are free and open source, meaning that they are continually developed by a community of users.

We would recommend a CMS as standard to the majority of business types. It is just a FACT that this is the best choice for a business.

For Content Managed Websites (CMS), you’ve got to love WordPress.

At Soapbox Digital Media we have lots of experience with the popular Content Managed Website platforms and our firm favorite is WordPress. Why..?

We would recommend WordPress Content Managed Websites all day long as they provide the best platform for marketing a business online. The majority of internet marketeers worldwide use WordPress and this is not a coincidence.

The majority of development with the functionality required to build highly performing websites is available for WordPress. This means that the types of Website that can be achieved with WordPress on a budget realistic for the average business is second to none.

Another substantial benefit of WordPress Content Managed Websites is that this is such a well known platform that it gives our customers the protection that their website is not some highly specific hand coded html based site which can restrict a businesses ability to leave their Website provider should they wish to. With WordPress you can protect your business by remaining in control with the knowledge that you are free make your own choices.

Soapbox Digital Media highly recommends WordPress Content Managed Websites as the best solution for the majority of website needs.

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