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Many industries rely on business directories to direct users to the businesses and services that they require.  This is particularly true in niche markets where there is often no clear authority in the field.  A directory website can give the market a clear centre point for both users and businesses alike; improving revenues for the businesses  and giving users more of what they want without the hassle of searching for it.  If you run a directory style website or you are looking to start an online directory, then you need look no further than Soapbox Digital Media! 

Having built Scottish Wedding Directory, by far Scotland’s largest directory for the wedding industry featuring hundreds of businesses spread across over 20 categories and covering the whole sector, we are well versed in building online directories both large and small!  Directories do require not just great care to be taken with the design to ensure that they are easy to use, but they also require a well built infrastructure to support the large amount of information and high volumes of traffic.  Unless great car is taken from the start of the project, your directory could end up looking confusing and running slowly which would result in users disengaging and ultimately businesses not wanting to be part of it.


Directory Websites – how to generate business for your clients

When it comes to building up your directory site, there are many things that you need to take into consideration.  Your design needs to not only reflect your brand but also be unobtrusive to the users and allow the businesses to promote themselves effectively so there is a question of balance.  You have to ask yourself ‘do I want all businesses on a level playing field, or should some be allowed to pay extra for greater prominence?”  and “do I allow users to review the businesses on the site?”  Luckily we have plenty of experience in the field, so feel free to ask us for our advice!

One of the keys to success when building and online directory is to have an effective marketing and SEO campaign.  Driving traffic to your website is fundamental when it comes to advertising your services.  Without the right traffic, businesses won’t see the value in advertising through your directory.  We know this, and we always build directories in the most efficient and SEO friendly way to allow you to gain traffic organically and reduce the costs of additional marketing.

Creating a directory infrastructure that works

We understand that directories are businesses in themselves, and like any business they need to be built on reliable systems.  Nobody would want their shopfront to be removed or defaced, and the exact same rules apply to an online directory.  We understand that downtime for any reason can be catastrophic for traffic, and therefor catastrophic for the directory.  This is why we build directory style websites using robust code which is secure and why we offer solid, secure hosting which is backed up daily.  We are not just designers, we are also developers and hosting experts who understand how to create streamlined and secure websites which run fast.

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