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E-Commerce, Brochure, and Booking Websites. What Does It All Mean?

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There are hundreds of different websites out there. There are streaming sites, social media, web applications, gaming sites, blogs, and countless others we couldn’t begin to list here. However, we tend to find that there are three websites which meet the needs of the vast majority of small businesses. These are:

  • E-commerce Sites
  • Brochure Sites
  • Booking Sites

In this blog, we will outline exactly what each of these terms means to give you a good idea of what might suit your business!

What Is an E-Commerce Site?

In short, an e-commerce website exists as an online shop. A platform for you to sell a product and process orders.

What Is an E-Commerce Site?

Because of the web-based era we live in, the majority of potential customers simply do not go browsing through shops; they take to the internet to buy anything from their groceries to shoes, and even movies.

If your company sells a product, having no online presence is just not an option. How many shops that you can think of only have physical locations? For businesses looking to increase their sales, e-commerce is the way to go.

At Soapbox, we prioritise practicality, functionality, and a return on your investment. Having a barebones site which allows customers already in the know about your product to make an order is one thing, but having a website which actively sells your product is another. This is where we come in.

Before we design a site, we take the time to learn exactly what you want to achieve. If you want to sell a product, every pixel and component of the website will be geared towards doing this very thing. There is no other way to design; sites have to be functional.

In addition, because we have fantastic coders in our studio, we have full control over every inch of the site. This is the only way to truly reach an objective; any other alternative (such as using cookie cutter templates or unoptimised software), will only do half a job. This where we excel, and how we ensure you see real and tangible results.

We can also make sure the site is totally secure. As much as this benefits the customer, it also benefits you as it will lead to an increase in sales. This is due to the fact it gives your customers the confidence to enter their card details and make a transaction with you, rather than being suspicious and going elsewhere.

In short, if you are selling a product, you need an e-commerce site, and Soapbox is the best studio for the job.

What Is a Brochure Site?

Some people would argue that a brochure site doesn’t serve a function, but this is mistaken. A brochure site is intended to present your service or product in an appealing way; in essence, it is an essential and valuable sales tool.

For businesses like estate agents, interior designers, or mechanics, you are unlikely to secure sales online. The commitment is too big, and the process has too many variables for people to just add something to their basket and go to an online checkout. However, a brochure site will show what you do and is a precursor to you meeting the client and securing the sale.

As a marketing company, it is our job to represent your work or product in a way which peaks interests and secures leads which can be converted into sales. Whether you need us to come up with a brand image that evokes the nature of your company or just adapt an existing image in an accurate and attractive way, we will make sure that you end up with a site that represents the standard of excellence you strive to maintain.

To learn more about the functions that a brochure site can serve, give us a call today on 0141 429 2942 or pop into our store.

What Is a Booking Website?

Like with shoppers, potential clients often take online to look for a service. Again, with fickle web users, the actual process of picking up the phone and making a call is enough to put some people off! In our modern era, being able to facilitate online bookings is an absolute must.

What Is a Booking Website?

It can also make a real difference in terms of the amount of time you spend organising bookings. Do you find that you are always on the phone with clients trying to coordinate when and where you have space? It is much easier to let an online tool work out all of that for you.

The most obvious applications for a booking service would be:

  • Hairdressers/Barbers
  • Restaurants
  • Activity Areas (trampoline parks, soft play areas, laser quest and so on)
  • Hotels\B&Bs
  • Rental/Hiring Services

However, there are countless other examples which will benefit from a fluid and reliable technology-based booking service.

Get in Touch!

If you aren’t sure about exactly what style of website would be best suited to your business or organisation, we would encourage you to get in touch. We prefer to have a meeting with potential clients so we can get an idea of exactly what you want to achieve. That way, we can come up with a plan together to make sure you meet your precise goals and gain a fantastic return on your investment.

Either way, you can be sure that whatever kind of website you need us to build for you, we will continuously keep the needs of you and your business in mind and develop the site accordingly. Not only do our sites look fantastic, but they consistently deliver results.

To arrange a meeting, or if you have any questions about our service, give us a call now on 0141 429 2942.

Alternatively, if you would rather we got in contact with you, fill in our contact form and one of our owners, Andy, will give you a call as soon as possible to discuss your new website!

Lastly, if you would like to cut to the chase and speak face to face, feel free to drop into our web store at any time. We would love to get to know you and your business, and if nothing else we have great coffee!

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