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Get a FREE Web Health Check. How is your website performing? Is it built properly? Is it getting found on the search engines..? Most importantly is it making you money and helping your business grow. Find out this information today with a FREE Web Health Check.

Wwbsite Health Check

When it comes to achieving online success via your website it is absolutely vital that your website is built in a manor that the site can be read, understood and navigated by the search engines. Unless you intend to pay far all of your traffic via Pay Per Click campaigns then being found by the search engines a must.

A FREE Web Health Check by Soapbox Digital Media will give you all the data you need.

Get Your FREE Web Health Check: How does Google see your Website?

It still amazes us at Soapbox Digital Media the number of Websites that look great but tell the search engines nothing about what the content is about. Many people are still focusing on how the site looks, which is very important when it comes to converting traffic. However, Google and other search engines do not view a website in the same way we do. The search engines can’t “see” how a Website looks!

Get a FREE Web Health Check. When a search engine bot visits a website it reads the code and raw text that make up the visuals of the site. They cant see the images, colour scheme or design. For this reason it is vital to use the code to correctly spell out to the search engines what a webpage is about and what you want the site to rank for.

This is often called On Page SEO and is the largest single factor leading to companies failing to get success online. Our FREE Web Scan can show you how Google views your site.

Find Out! FREE Web Health Check: Get your Website performing as its best.

This “On Page SEO” alone is unlikely to make a website rank in the search engines quickly but it helps to multiply the success of the other marketing activities applied to the Website. Having this factor of a Website in place is the foundation to marketing online.

As part of our FREE Web Health Check we also analyse a Website for its Backlink Profile, W3C Compliance and Performance. The FREE Web Health Check also includes a Reputation Management report on the Company and Brand to help you establish how your business is placed online and what steps will lead to your success.

Contact us at Soapbox Digital Media today to claim your FREE Web Health Check. Find out the health of your online presence and how to get the most from your Website.

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