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Every website requires a different, unique focus.  For those who are involved in the visual arts, this means you may need a gallery style website which draws all the attention to the work contained within. These are perfect painters, photographers, sculptors, gallery owners or those who are promoting exhibitions.  Naturally many other businesses (particularly those with a design or visually based service, such as architects, hair an beauty salons, etc.) may require galleries to be built within their sites but these won’t often be the primary focus for the content.  At Soapbox Digital Media, we can provide both.

Designing a website around a gallery or artistic portfolio concept requires a keen eye and an ability to create a minimalist design which allows the gallery images to take center stage.  Being able to create such a design which maintaining a brand presence requires not just design skills and insight, but also an ability to write and manipulate code to create the desired look and functionality.  Granted, there are a lot of themes and plugins out there which claim to be able to create such sites with ease, but when you actually try and use them you will quickly find that they are extremely limited in their scope and often produce more frustration and compromise than good websites.  If you need a gallery website that is on point, you need to work with a design team who have the experience and knowledge required.  You need to work with Soapbox Digital Media!


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When we are making any websites, we always stay customer focussed.  Our passion is in producing great sites for other people – we want your website to be the best site for you.  We don’t force clients down design routes that they are not comfortable with, and this is particularly important when it comes to gallery style websites and portfolio style websites.  When building websites for artists and photographers in the past, we have made every effort to ensure that it is their work, not our design, which takes precedence.

When creating a gallery or portfolio website, our experience has shown that usability is the key.  Navigation of the site should be completely self explanatory, graceful and ultimately effortless.  The last thing you want your potential customers or clients to be doing is trying to figure out how to move through your site!  We can create slick and instantly recognisable controls which put your users at ease when browsing your gallery.  And this applies to any device!  People browse more and more on mobile phones and tablets these days, so you need to make sure your site looks great across the board.

If you are looking to showcase your talents, get in touch with Soapbox Digital Media today.  Why not pop in for a coffee and a chat with our friendly design team.  We would love to hear about what you do!

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