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Traditional print magazines are increasingly moving online as people can easily share the content across the world and advertising revenues are easier to manage.  Some brands create content continually, becoming authorities on their subject and generate revenue through not just advertising but other means as well.  Certain magazine style brands exist purely online, gaining huge traffic from effective social media campaigns which can generate impressive revenues.  

Magazine style websites require a specific design concept and infrastructure in order to support the high volumes of both traffic and content.  They also need to be easy to use for the end-user as keeping users on the site and clicking through pages is the best way to increase the advertising revenue.  At Soapbox Digital Media, we have the experience of building magazine websites as large as Bunkered, Scotland’s most widely read golf magazine which every year outsells all other golf publications combined.


Magazine websites – maximise your revenue potential

Our experience in this specific field allows us to understand how best to approach this specific type of website.  With magazine sites, we know that content is key – our job is to display your content in a way which is as effective and engaging as possible across all platforms.  Mobile and tablet traffic for these kinds of websites can be much greater than desktop or laptop traffic, and we can build your magazine style website or blog to not only look great but show off your content.

Ad placement is fundamental to your revenue.  Users expect to see adverts these days, however many sites massively overplay them causing users to become disengaged.  Statistics show that the most effective way to build a lasting brand in this field is to strike this balance perfectly, keeping users on the website and generating returning traffic.

You want your magazine site to reflect your brand, your ethos and your ideas.  You have a message to get across and through effective design the first part of this is achieved.  User experience for us is about much more than simply having buttons in the right places – it’s about having a fully realised design concept that speaks with your brand’s voice.

Integration, integration, integration

With a magazine style website, high traffic blog style site or any other type of digital publication; social media is fundamental for driving traffic to the website.  Integrating your social media accounts into your website seamlessly can be difficult, however at Soapbox Digital Media we have the tools and experience to embed your social accounts in a streamlined manner.  We can give your users all the connectivity to your brand to keep them coming back.  We can go far beyond the Facebook ‘like’ button, creating custom applications to connect with the APIs from your social accounts that can pull fresh content and users interactions into your website.

If you are needing to get your magazine or blog website off the ground, give us a call and we can put all of our experience to work for you!

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