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If your business requires a website which has user management functionality then look no further!  We have made many such websites in the past for golf clubs, personal trainers, societies, health groups and companies who have trade and account customers.  Often with these types of websites, the membership management needs to tie in with other software on the website such as bookings, e-commerce or other forms of online ordering.  In order to make this happen effectively, you need to have a team of designers and developers who have experience working with these systems.  At Soapbox Digital Media, we have produces a wide variety of membership based websites so you can rest assured that you can work with us!

For us the main focus is to produce a website which not only looks great on the front-end and does what it is supposed to do, but one which also is easy to manage in the back-end.  While many of the websites we create are quite hands-off for our clients, with the exception of adding a few blog posts every now and then.  But we know that a website which contains user management functionality is going to be used every day and as such needs to be simple to use.

Designer for looks.  Developed for power.

We’re not just great designers at Soapbox Digital Media – we’re also great developers too.  What that means for your membership website is that we can give you all of the powerful functionality that you require with none of the compromise.  Our team of developers will be able to spec up your website and bring all of the requirements together into one place that is easy for you to manage.  Why skimp on features simply because designers don’t know how to provide them or there’s not a plugin out there that exactly matches your needs?  At Soapbox Digital Media we believe that anything is possible!  If you need to have users who can log in and view details of their account – no problem!  If you need users who can make bookings for classes – we can do it!  If you need to be able to give account customers discounts on certain products in your online store – give us a call!

If your business does it, then your website should be able to do it.  After all, you’re not going to change your business model because of a lack of website functionality.  We can provide a user management solution tailor made to fit your business requirements, regardless of what is involved!

Our designers and developers can create a variety of websites that meet the needs of a huge range of businesses.  Pop in for a chat to discuss how we can help you!

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The new site it's easy to use, easy to promote, easy for our customers to navigate. It has taken a load of extra work off of us; we can now dedicate our time to growing our business. The branding and presentation has been amazing too. It's always great to use a company that know what they are doing, and make our ideas even better. Thanks so much for the quick turn around and getting everything down to a tee.