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Mobile Websites and SEO

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The need for Mobile Websites are becoming more relevant as the number of people using hand held devices such as smart phones, tablets and even handheld game consoles is on the increase. This already represents a significant number of search engine queries and the fact show that this is only going to increase as we become more dependent on Mobile Devices instead of and in addition to traditional computers.

Mobile Websites are no longer just a “nice touch”. Mobile Ready Sites are becoming essential to meet the expectation of the search user. Soapbox Digital Media can help provide a Mobile Website to compliment your traditional site.


Mobile Websites: Why are they important?

When a traditional website is viewed on a mobile device, especially on a smart phone, often it can be hard to navigate or read as the text as it is too small.

The introduction of a Mobile Website gives the user a simpler format which is much easier to see and use on the device.

For this reason Google and other search engines have begun to give Mobile Website preference in the search results when performed on a suitable device as it gives the end used a better experience.

A website will rank higher for its targeted search terms on a Mobile Search if a mobile version of the site is available. With the increase in Mobile Search this can be a significant advantage over your competition. Get Mobile Websites today.

Mobile Websites have increased in use dramatically over the past few years and this growth is accelerating. This is the reason your company cannot afford to stand on the sideline. You need to be amongst the front runners to be seen properly on a mobile device.

Features of Mobile Websites such as click to call allow a quick transition from search to contact.

Mobile Websites: What are the benefits?

For most companies the ability to find and view their Mobile Websites on a handheld device simply provides a better experience for the customer and an easier method for them to make contact.

However, in some industries where the purchase is one of impulse or stress then the benefit of Mobile Websites can be enormous. What do I mean?

Well imagine you are an emergency trade such as a locksmith, plumber, alarm company, pest control company etc. your potential customer may not have the time to boot up their computer and are far more likely to use a mobile device as they want the problem sorted as an emergency. A Mobile Website will help you get found and fulfill that stress purchase?

Alternatively a potential restaurant customer may use their smart phone to find the nearest restaurant. A Mobile Website and effective use of coupons can drive more walk in business from this impulse buy.

Mobile Websites are a great compliment to a full site and this is a great way to ensure you give your customers exactly what they need to view your products or services on the go. Soapbox Digital Media can help your business to make an impact in the world of Mobile Search.

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