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Responsive Web Design: What’s changed online?

Everything changes; nothing stands still.”

When technology changes, so does the Internet. Keeping up-to-date with the new ways that technology helps your customers to surf the web can be time-consuming and confusing.

Today people can access websites with their:

  • mobile phones (smartphones)
  • tablets
  • games consoles
  • televisions
  • desktop computers

Responsive Web Design

Your business’s website may look great on your office PC, but on your smartphone it may display a tiny version your site.

We all know how frustrating it is to zoom in to read content on a small screen. Finding a contact number is even worse. And filling out an enquiry form? Impossible!

If your potential client is viewing a shrunk down version of your site on their phone, they will probably click away and go to a competitor’s site.

Responsive web design: How should you respond to change?

So, what should you do to make it easier for your customers to browse your site on their mobile phone or tablet, as well as their laptop?

Well, thankfully, as technology has been changing at a dramatic pace, so has the way that web designers and web developers, design and code websites.

The design and development community have found the answer to the problem of how people can view the same site on a multitude of different screen sizes while remaining easy simple to use. What is it? Responsive web design.

Responsive web design: How does it work?

Responsive web design is a design and coding technique that creates an optimised website that responds to the size of a user’s screen.

For example, on a smartphone, your potential customer would see the text on your site in a single column, which would be easy to read. However, on a tablet they would see your information displayed over two columns, as this is more readable on this size of this device.

One of the benefits of responsive web design is that it increases user time on your site, which leads to a better chance of your customer getting in touch or buying your products through your online shop.

Responsive Web design: Some sites that have made the change

Responsive Web Design: Example 1.

Let’s look at the Guardian’s new responsive site.

Responsive Web Design

The Guardian is one of the world’s most popular news websites, which attracts tens of millions of unique visitors per year.

From analysing user data, the Guardian discovered that more and more of their audience were using mobile and tablets to view their site.

And since data is king (or queen), they rebuilt their existing website by using a responsive web design framework. The result was a website that enhanced the user experience on all devices: smartphone, tablet and desktop.

The new site now presents the user with an elegant and engaging mix of:

  • high-resolution images
  • responsive videos
  • easy to read content

All of which provide a delightful viewing and reading experience, whatever the device used to access their pages.

Responsive Web Design: Example 2.

It is not just big organisations that have been switching to responsive web design when creating their sites, smaller sized companies have too.

Logo Printed Blinds Responsive Website

Glasgow based company Logo Printed Blinds came to us to redesign their website.

When we analysed Logo Printed Blinds’ Google Analytics account, we discovered that most of their traffic to their old site was coming via mobile web browsers.

With that information in mind (remember: data is king!), we designed the site responsively. This enabled their customers to easily view their products and make an enquiry quickly on their smartphones.

Since the launch of Logo Printed Blind’s website, they have had a marked increase in enquiries. You can view the site here.

Responsive Web Design: what are the benefits your business?

Ok, you may already have a website, so why should you switch to responsive?

Here’s some of the benefits:

  • Your site will be readable on phone, tablet and laptop
  • Enquiry forms and online shops will be easier to use
  • You are future proofing your business by having a mobile-friendly website
  • Responsive web design improves your search ranking in Google
Responsive Web Design: how can your business change?

At Soapbox Digital Media, we are passionate about embracing changes on the Internet and using that information to help our customer’s business grow online.

So, if you would like to discuss making your existing website responsive, or would like us to chat about your upcoming website, then get in touch with us now or pop by one of our stores.

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