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Web hosting is the cause of a lot of confusion for some people. People typically know that they need it, but don’t understand exactly what it is. In this blog, we will outline precisely what hosting is and why a service you can rely on is vital to managing a website properly.

If you require hosting, a website, or any other web-based service that we provide here at Soapbox, get in touch with us now on 0141 429 1356.

What is Web Hosting?

At its core, web hosting is the service that means you can post your website on the internet. In essence, it is a section of the internet that your site can live.

What is Web Hosting?

A web host has the technology to give your website this home. On specialised computers called ‘servers’, they will store all of the files related to your website, allowing anyone who wants to view your site to do so.

When they visit your site, their computer, phone, or tablet will establish a connection with the hosting server. From here they can download, or indeed upload, files from or to the server allowing them to display the website or send information back.

What Is a Domain?

Remember when we said hosting gave your website a home on the internet? Well, the domain is its address. By typing in your web address, internet browsers will be directed towards your specific ‘place’ on the internet.

For example, the domain of this site is soapboxdigital.co.uk. Although there might be numerous web addresses, for example www.soapboxdigital.co.uk/blog, but the domain remains the same with extra information added on at the end.

You will need to buy a domain when you create a website. This is the address that users can use to identify and visit your site.

Who Should I Host With?

Not all hosting companies are created equal. Although there might be significant disparities in price, with some companies offering to host for just a couple of pounds a month, these services are typically best avoided.

Servers can be fickle things if not operated properly. If a server goes down, then so does your site, because any visitors will not be able to get the necessary files without communicating with the server.

Additionally, if you don’t have a back-up, you can be putting your website in a very precarious position. Cheaper hosting companies may well end up losing your site, and the cost of rebuilding can be incredibly costly and disruptive.

Why Choose Soapbox?

At Soapbox, we don’t force you to host with us even if we design your website. We believe choice is important, will offer just to package your site up so that you can source your own hosting.

However, we also believe that there are many good reasons as to why you would want to use our hosting.

Firstly, the entire process is much easier. When we finish your site, we will host it on our server which is always a fluid and straightforward process. Using a third-party can introduce a considerable number of complications which can create a lot of work for us and, naturally, a bill for you.

Additionally, we guarantee that your site will be backed up each and every day. This means that if anything does go wrong and your website is lost from the server, it is a case of merely re-uploading the relevant files.

Disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum allowing your business to continue trading and, fundamentally, making money. We store the back-ups in multiple locations, keeping your website protected continuously.

Get in Touch

At Soapbox, we take great pride in offering unparalleled customer-focused web services. Hosting is infamously problematic, and many people have horror stories of constant downtime and lost websites, but we are happy to say that the measures we have taken to avoid these annoyances have been successful so far.

If you require a website that is designed to accommodate all of your individual requirements and attractively represent the image of your business, give us a call now on 0141 429 1356.

Alternatively, complete our contact form, and we will be in touch as quickly as possible to discuss how we can move your business forward.

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