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Website Malware Protection is essential to safeguard the integrity of your website, your online reputation and most importantly your income. The effect of Malware can be catastrophic and robust Website Malware Protection must be built in to protect your site properly. What is Website Malware?

Website Malware Protection

Website Malware Protection: What is Malware?

Website Malware is effectively any malicious modification to the internal coding of your website aimed at compromising its security, stealing information, redirecting viewers or carrying out a unwanted activity through your site. Website Malware Protection is vital to fight against these things happening.

Examples of these would be theft of customers payment information, redirection of your customers to a third party site and the sending of spam email via your website.

The effects of Malware becoming established on a website can lead to you losing potential customers, your brand reputation being tarnished and even your website being labeled untrustworthy by search engines such as Google which will make your website effectively disappear and not be featured in the search results. What would this do to the average business? The importance of Malware Protection cannot be understated!

Website Malware Protection: How to protect your site.

There is no way to stop the threat of Website Malware. The people carrying out these attacks are often incredibly clever and constantly evolve their strategies to exploit new weaknesses. For this reason effective Website Malware Protection is a game of cat and mouse. Your website is never fully safe. But you must be ready to fight back.

The average Website Malware attack on even the most secure website will often go unnoticed until its effect becomes evident. The Malware infection often happens prior to the effect of the infection meaning that as most protection is after the fact and the damage is done.

Malware Protection: Let us protect you.

At Soapbox Digital Media we pride ourselves in being different. Our Website Malware Protection is able to detect an infection within minutes and stop it in its tracks. We cant stop the attacks but we can be on constant watch protection our customers website assets.

On any attempt to infect our sites with Website Malware our team of Malware experts are immediately informed of which the website, the file and the exact code injection that has occurred allowing us to immediately remove the Malicious code and return the website to good health. The target time for this correction is 15 minutes day or night (industry average is 12 hours) and all our customers websites have Website Malware Protection built in for safest security.

As an extra safeguard 12 hourly backups of all our Websites are also carried out.

Let Soapbox Digital Media help build your online presence and also protect it with our Website Malware Protection.

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