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The speed with which a website loads is now a key factor in the success of that site.  Users are becoming much more used to fast websites delivering them the pages and information they want within a couple of seconds, and websites with long loading times see a significant drop in traffic after a couple of clicks.  Users simply won’t wait any longer, and Google now uses the page speed as a factor in determining where you sit in searches.  Don’t let your site be left behind!  We can help.

There are many things which can influence the speed of a page loading.  The main cause of slow loading pages is often poor coding and too many add-ons to a site.  This can happen which designers don’t have much developer skill or knowledge and use code which they don’t fully understand to get the look and functionality that they want.  The other major cause is hardware – your hosting platform has to be up to the task of delivering your content quickly.

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Efficient code gets the best results

At Soapbox Digital Media, we are both designers and developers.  We understand that building great looking websites with all the features you require doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice page speed.  you just need a team that can produce the finished product using effective code and as little 3rd party software as possible.  Over the past few years, we have been hard at work creating our own bespoke software which applies great design and SEO features to websites without affecting the loading times.  This means that we can use our own software without having to rely on external plugins and add-ons which often cause conflicts in the site and slow things right down.

In the past we have worked with clients who have had page load speeds of over 15 seconds on their original sites.  We can bring that down to under 2 seconds.  Faster sites keep users on them longer, resulting in greater conversion rates and ultimately more revenue.  It really is that simple!

Fast engine = fast car.  Fast server = fast website?

Having a slow server will definitely not help your website.  Every website needs a hosting platform that can run their website software without issues.  However throwing large amounts of resources at a website isn’t always the answer either.  You need a team that understands how to use the hardware and software together efficiently, and at Soapbox Digital Design we have the knowledge and experience of both hosting and development to provide you with a fast site.

We can optimise websites resulting in fast performance without sacrificing on features.  There are many aspects of the hosting side which can improve your page load speeds.  We use high level caching systems, content delivery networks (CDNs), concatenating scripts, streamlined coding strategies and various other methods for ensuring that everything possible is done to keep your site running at top speed.

Why do I need a fast website?

Users are increasingly using smaller devices to browse the web.  Those websites that are slow are even more painful for users on mobiles and tablets, and that means lost revenue.  Research has shown that some sites have well over 50% of their traffic coming from mobiles so it’s fundamental that your site responds well to all devices.  Not only are our websites responsive in their design, they also perform well on all devices.  We speed test our sites regularly to ensure that they are up to scratch.

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