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What Is a Website Brief?

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When you commission Soapbox to build your new website, we ask for a brief in order to make sure that what we develop is precisely in line with your needs and vision. This will involve a sit down with the designer who will be responsible for your project. We will ask the right questions all of the information we need to get going, but it might help if you have a general idea of what we might ask so you can get prepared beforehand!

Here is our summary of what you can expect.

What Is Required for a Website Brief?

When it comes to website briefs, we have six main priorities in terms of the information we need:

  1. Tell Us About Your Business
  2. Your Target Customers
  3. Required Features and Capabilities
  4. Goals and Objectives
  5. Similar Sites You Like
  6. Aesthetics and Feel

What Is Required for a Website Brief?


We will now look at each of these in a bit more detail;

Tell Us About Your Business

In order to present your business accurately online, we need to get to know you. When you arrive to brief us on what you want to achieve in regard to your website, we will ask you a few questions about your business in order to find out:

  • What you do
  • The history of your business
  • How your company operates

Again, our designers will ask for all the information they feel is relevant, but be prepared to try and summarise your business as well as why and how you do what you do!

Goals and Objectives

Sometimes clients commission us to build a website but don’t really know why they are doing it. This can be frustrating as without a goal to work towards design can be incredibly challenging. We can help you to achieve your targets, but only if we know what they are!

Goals and Objectives

The most important thing that you have to get across when you come in for your meeting is what you want to gain from your new website. For example, do you want to:

  • Increase physical footfall at your business?
  • Gain visitor information to convert into business?
  • Increase the number of sales you are getting on your website?
  • Use it to communicate with your audience?
  • Outline your services and encourage people to get in contact?

To make sure that you secure the maximum return on your investment, we need to gear every pixel of your site towards your specific goal or objective. If you come in with a clear mission in mind, we will make sure you to achieve it.

Required Features and Capabilities

Because we have designers and coders, we can implement absolutely anything you need onto your website. We just need to know what your business requirements are. These are some of the features you may potentially need:

  • Does the site need E-commerce capabilities?
  • Should users be able to create accounts and log in?
  • Will the website need a search bar for users to explore the site?
  • Do you need the capability to have online bookings?

Yet there are also more general features that you will have to consider, such as:

  • Blog/News Section
  • ‘Meet the Team’ Page
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Events Page

Remember, we can make a website do whatever you need it to; we just need to understand everything that you need to gain from it.

Your Target Customers

We also need to understand who this website is intended for. Is it a brochure site to display your products or services to people you are already in contact with? Do you need it to rank well on Google and boost your presence online? Would you like the website to appear attractively to a specific type of person or potential client?

Your Target Customers

All of these features dictate not only the look of the website but also the functionality. It is essential we understand who we are building for!

Similar Sites You Like

The website that you receive will be entirely bespoke to your business. We do not copy anything; everything will be designed and crafted in order to be tailor-fit to your specific requirements and desires. However, by looking at websites of businesses or organisations similar to your own, or just examples of aesthetics that you like, we can draw some inspiration to build your website.

By doing a bit of research before coming in, we can browse some relevant sites together and make a list of some things that we like, don’t like, and think would be useful and applicable to your own website. Remember, we will not copy anything, but in some instances, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Aesthetics and Feel

As soon as we work out exactly what you want the site to achieve and who you want it to appeal to, we can start to work on a look and feel for your new website. This should be dictated by:

  • What you like
  • What will fit the purpose of your site
  • Your target audience
  • How you want your company to come across

Once we understand exactly what your website needs to achieve and how you would like it to look, we can combine this information into an unmatched business tool that looks and functions in a way that fits every single need of your business.

Do You Need a Website?

At Soapbox, we always strike a perfect balance between looks and functionality. It is not enough for a website to be beautiful while being difficult to use, and it is not enough for a website to work fine but look outdated. We also understand the need for a site to be personalised to your specific business in order to meet its full potential and achieve your individual objectives. In order to help us help you, make sure you are ready for the brief, so we have all the information we need to get going!

If you would like to discuss your new website right away, give us a call now on 0141 429 1356.

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