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Why People Leave Your Website

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Internet users are very fickle. It is very easy to click a link and have a quick look at a website, but it is even easier to click back. Since every second a user spends on your website increases the chance you will receive a conversion, you have to make sure that your site makes a fantastic first impression and encourage potential customers to stay.

In this blog, we will explore some of the biggest mistakes you can make in terms of forcing people to abandon your website!

5 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

Although there are a lot of opportunities to make mistakes in regards to web design, we feel there are five reasons which stand out amongst the rest;

  • Slow Loading Speeds
  • Autoplaying Video
  • Lists Spread Across Separate Pages
  • Obnoxious Advertising
  • Non-Intuitive Layout

5 Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

  1. Slow Loading Times

If your website takes over three seconds to load, over 40% of browsers (over 50% in mobile users!) will abandon the site entirely. This means that if you have a sluggish website, then before you have even got off the ground your customer base has been halved.

There are plenty of guides online that will show you how to streamline your website in order to increase your loading times. However, if you want to leave it to the professionals to make sure your site is as smooth as butter, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

  1. Autoplaying Video

It has happened to us all; innocently browsing through the internet, only to be interrupted by the deafening scream of an auto-playing video. This is made even worse when the video isn’t the main subject of the webpage. If you are reading an article, you really don’t want some semi-related video playing in the background.

However, even if a video is the main content of the webpage, make sure you give the browser the option of when they want to hit play. Otherwise, they might just leave your webpage to make the mysterious and unwelcome sound stop!

  1. Listing Content Across Multiple Pages

This is one of the spammiest and most anti-user features that exists on the internet today. Can you imagine if this blog had each point on a separate page? This is a very cheap tactic intended to secure more advertisement revenue; by making users load and view more advertisements, businesses can make more money.

However, spread out lists aren’t always so sinister. Every now and again, it is just down to bad web design. Make sure you make things as easy as possible for your user to make sure they stick around.

  1. Endless Adverts

In line with the last comment, overdoing advertising can be a fast track to annoying any visitors and pushing them to leave your site altogether. Not only can they be garish and annoying, but if they do their job too well, they can encourage people to go somewhere else.

In addition, if advertisements are too numerous and prominent, they can make it difficult to find the main content of the website. Don’t make things difficult for your potential customer.

  1. Difficult to Use

Again, you have to keep in mind that with the wealth of competition on the internet, users are more than happy to go elsewhere if they feel they are having their time wasted. One of the most critical aspects of web design is making sure it is coherent; it is vital that people browsing your website can get where they need to go and access the information they need as effortlessly as possible.

Difficult to Use

If your website structure doesn’t make any sense and navigation is confusing and nonsensical, people won’t stick around very long. Make sure the path from A to B is as straightforward and intuitive as possible.

Does Your Website Need a Little Help?

If you have found that your website is getting a lot of web traffic, but isn’t securing the results you want, then it is very likely a problem with your website. If you do not have the right tools and features in place to encourage potential customers to convert into buyers, then you can’t hope to see a proper return on your investment.

At Soapbox Digital, we prioritise securing genuine and tangible results, making sure that we create a website completely in line with your aims and objectives. With our talented designers and experienced coders, we will make sure that every pixel of your website is set up to match your visions.

Although all of the sites we build look sleek, modern, and will echo the image of your business, yet they are also functional. If you require customer details, we can make that happen. If you want to encourage purchases, our e-commerce websites are unrivalled.

To set up a free consultancy so that we can get to know you and your company, give us a call now on 0141 429 1356.

Alternatively, fill in our contact form, and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible!


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