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The Importance of Reviews and Feedback

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Reputation is critical when it comes to attracting new customers. People are not going to use a business which they have had no experience with if they are not sure how good a job you will do.

This blog will outline not how you can improve your reputation (unfortunately, that is up to you!). However, we will show you how you can show customers what a fantastic job you do and give them the confidence to become a fully-fledged conversion.

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The Importance of Customer Feedback

Feedback from customers will give other potential clients the confidence to use your company. Although this is only the case if the majority is positive, let’s just assume for the sake of this article that people are pleased with your service!

The Importance of Customer Feedback

Consider going online and comparing two companies. Both have nice, modern websites and both have good content outlining exactly what they do. All that differentiates them are reviews.

If one of them had 5 stars with 3 reviews, and another had 5 stars with 182 reviews, which would you be more likely to use?

Naturally, most people will go for the company which seems more tried and tested, showing why gaining that customer feedback is so vital.

Increasing Customer Feedback

Most people do not take the time to offer feedback without being prompted; unless they have had such a bad experience that they feel they should complain. Generally, customers will need some slight encouragement before they leave you a review.

Sometimes, just asking your customers is enough. If they order a product from you, for example, you could include a review request in the confirmation e-mail, or even a follow-up e-mail soon after. If you own a restaurant, you might deliver a business card with the bill with details on where they can leave a review online.

However, people are significantly more likely to give feedback if there is something in it for them, and it is important you boost your feedback as quickly as possible. In can pay huge dividends to offer customers a small reward for their cooperation. Something as small as 5% off of their next order is usually enough to do the job.

Just keep in mind that if you are going to push people for reviews, you will have to make sure that you are providing a service they are happy to rave about!

Advertising Your Feedback

Now that you have your feedback, you need to make sure that this is easily viewable for customers. There are many different ways of showing this to customers.

Advertising Your Feedback

One method is to use Trust Pilot. This method costs a little bit of money but can pay for itself very quickly. As an established brand, when people see your Trust Pilot score front and centre, they will appreciate that it is genuine.

They even provide a helpful widget which you can include in various sections of your website so that it is always easily viewable for potential customers.

You can also weave reviews and testimonials throughout your website. For example, on a page for a specific product, you can show some customers comments to the side. Otherwise, you can implement some general customer comments throughout your site.

Many people opt to go for a dedicated testimonial page. This can be a bit old-fashioned, and a lot of the time people will not even bother to look. However, for many businesses, they can be absolutely crucial.

For example, if you are in an important industry like wealth management or law, where your working relationship is likely to extend for a long time, then people will often take the time to visit your dedicated testimonial page.

Make sure you ask your best customers to write you a testimonial so that everyone else knows just how good you are.

Get in Touch

Marketing isn’t easy, and things move so quickly it can be tough to know what methods are most effective. This is especially true with customer feedback as there are so many techniques and options available.

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